“We reccomend this to all our clients, especially during cold and flu season. The blend of standardised herbal extracts and the reishi, shittake and maitakie mushroom blend have been cliniclally proven to boost white blood cell counts within short period of time. Fantastic product!”

Brian R., DC, Dallas


“I hate taking vitamins because they always upset my stomach. I have tried so many, and they all gave me indigestion. The Women’s One Daily from Plaza Health Foods doesn’t do that. I like that it is 100% food because it is gentle on my stomach and I feel great when I take it.”

Elisabeth M., Dallas

“My doctor suggested trying some diet changes to lower my cholesterol. He also suggested trying some fish oil to help raise my good cholesterol. This one from Plaza Health Foods is great because it has an enteric coating on it, so no more fish burps or odor! My cholesterol ratio has improved using this so I don’t have to take medication.”

Michael R., Dallas