Max Fuqua, Certified Nutritionist



When your first job at age 5 is making organic carrot juice in the kitchen of the health food store, nutrition really is in your blood. Max grew up watching his Grandmother and Father working with clients and was soon ordering products for the store, stocking shelves and leading customers to the various products to talk to them about their benefits.

Max went on study classical ballet at Lincoln Center in New York City, becoming a professional ballet dancer at age 17. Throughout his career in the U.S and Europe, he used his knowledge of supplementation to heal faster from injuries and help others to do so. On retirement, Max earned a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, a Swiss Handels Diplom and became a Certified Nutritionist.

He returned to Dallas to take the helm of Plaza Health Foods and has expanded on what his family built. Borrowing from his athletic background, Max added exercise classes and massage therapy services to the store offerings. He also created the Plaza Health Foods brand of supplements using the finest materials and production techniques available.

As a Certified Nutritionist, Max uses his knowledge of Chemistry, Physiology and Anatomy everyday to educate his clients on how their body works in both health and disease. Serving four generations of clients brings a variety of challenges with both very young and elderly clients. Helping people understand how their body works and seeing them get better through sound nutritional advice is what motivates Max. 


Ester and Steve Fuqua


Ester Fuqua graduated nursing school in 1936. Frustrated that many of the patients she cared for were suffering from poor diets and unhealthy habits, she combined her nursing skills with her deep understanding of folk medicine to help care for her friends and clients with diet, exercise and vitamin supplementation. One success lead to another and the first retail health food store in Dallas was opened in Snider Plaza.

Steve Fuqua built the business up even further and gained a reputation as an expert on the therapeutic use of vitamins and herbs to fight disease. He helped thousands of people overcome their illnesses. Many clients who were sent home by their doctors became well again and are still shopping in the store today because of his guidance.

Grand opening of the first health food store in Dallas, the Plaza Health Food Store.


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plaza health foods vitamins dallas